“ I hope to have the ability to express the significance of the experience I have had in therapy with Linda Weiner; the positive impact that she has made in my life is so difficult to articulate in words. As a survivor of 15 years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse in my childhood, it took the enduring patience and unconditional acceptance, unique to Linda, to help me find true peace in my life. Her supportive ability to make me feel as if I were the single most important person, while assisting me to grow and develop at my own pace, was important in my healing, Every time I wanted to give up and walk away because the memories were too painful to elicit, Linda’s assurance to me that it would be worth it in the end was both truthful and precise—how right she was! It takes a great deal of skill and competence to balance appropriate boundaries with the feeling of wholehearted love to survivors of childhood abuse, and Linda possesses that ability. Her knowledge and capability with EMDR was an important part of my therapy as well. Presently, my relationship and bond with my husband is healthier, my family and friends have noticed a change in me, and I have found a true peace in my life that I feel would not have been attainable had it not been for Linda. If I could convey just one thing to everyone, it would be that their lives, like mine, could change for the better with Linda’s help. I wake up every morning and thank God that I found her.”
— R.O.

“ While I’m not a person who feels comfortable asking for help and discussing personal concerns, Linda made me feel comfortable talking about my problem, and her knowledge of sexual problems with erection and how it affects relationships really saved mine.”
— J. S.

“ A good friend of mine asked why I still go see Linda. This person knows about me and the challenges over the past several years. I was surprised to find that I had a hard time giving her an answer. But, I did, and I thought you might want to know. I told her that I now have a handle on where I came from, what made me who I am and why I have the tendencies that I do. I think I now am able to look at things from a more objective view. The result has been that I absolutely want to become a better person and “stop the cycle” -- so to speak. I am at a point now that I have a desire to learn to do better and keep my life under control. Simply put, creating this desire is what you did for me."
— K. E.

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