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Linda Weiner, MSW, LCSW provides individual and couples relationship and sex therapy, as well as therapy for general mental health concerns. She also provides training and supervision for professionals.
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During the coronavirus pandemic, I will continue to be available virtually to new clients. Contact me for updates and additional information.

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If you are visiting my website, perhaps you are like many of my clients who are:

  • Tired of the embarrassment and limitations caused by a sexual problem
  • Longing to reconnect to their long-term partner after the drift of intimacy so common with career and family responsibilities
  • Seeking to heal after a breech of trust or an affair
  • Interested in establishing or re establishing a sexual connection following childbirth, cancer, menopause, infertility or other medical and emotional challenges
  • Ready to sort out your sexual identity and erotic interests
  • Experiencing a good intimate connection but interested in taking it to the next level
  • Exploring movement away from trauma(s) toward a reinvention of their sexuality

These and many other intimacy and sexual concerns have been part of my practice since 1988 when I began working with a diverse array of individuals, couples and families. It is estimated that most people will experience a sexual difficulty at some time in their lives but competent help is available and many (if not most) can experience relief or improvement .

You have taken the first step! Continue the journey...


Linda Weiner, she/her/hers

Diplomate in Clinical Social Work
Diplomate in Sex Therapy and Sexology
Certified Sex Therapy and Sexuality Counselor Supervisor and CE Provider
Adjunct Professor, Washington University in St Louis, Brown School (2202-2017)
Co-Author, Sensate Focus in Sex Therapy: The Illustrated Manual

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MEdical Professionals

Sexuality Training for Professionals

One of my passions is providing medical and wellness professionals with practical information needed to address the whole person, including sexuality concerns of their clients and patients.

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Linda's Blog

Stop Grab Assing and Get Lucky!
September 7, 2021

After almost 35 years of working with couples’ emotional and sexual intimacy issues, I know it’s past time to discuss acts that create unnecessary antagonism between heterosexual partners. “Sudden Onset Fondling” is uninvited and unwelcome touching especially rubbing against a partner’s erogenous areas such as breast, buttocks or vulva/vagina, or slipping an unannounced hand inside their clothing.

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Masters & Johnson’s Research 50 Years Later
March 17, 2021

Fifty years after the publication of Master’s & Johnson’s years long laboratory research detailing EXACTLY what happens in the human body during sex, we gathered at the Annual meeting of The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists in Las Vegas in 2017 to honor them.

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The Importance of asking patients if they have sexual concerns and why health care providers get tongue-tied
November 14, 2020

As a sexologist I often see patients who have visited two levels of providers before getting to me for help with sexual concerns. Often they have seen a physician or nurse practitioner, and then a marriage or relationship therapist. Sometimes, they have not been asked, nor do they bring up their sexual concerns.

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