Friday, September 13, 2019
9:00 am
4:00 am

Workshop: Sensate Focus: The Alchemy of Healing Touch, Part II-Techniques for varied Sexual Distresses and Challenges

New York, New York

Sensate Focus is a highly useful adjunct to relationship therapy, serving to foster emotional connection in the couple. It is, as well, a technique that forms the basis of sex therapy.

In this highly practical advanced workshop participants will be offered updates regarding best practices, re- introduced to the underpinnings of Sensate Focus in Somatic Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Practice, and offered the opportunity to delve deeper in applying Sensate Focus suggestions to specific sexual difficulties. Case Studies will be utilized in a step by step illustration of the use of the Sensate Focus hierarchy with varying sexual dysfunctions as well as with challenging couple presentations. Participants are invited to bring case summaries for discussion.

Video demonstrations of Sensate Focus positions and instructions will also be utilized.