Thursday, April 29, 2021
9:00 am
4:00 pm

How do I get past this? Trauma Informed Use of Sensate Focus with Survivors of Sexual Trauma

Virtual Event Via Zoom Webinar

Since Masters & Johnson developed Sensate Focus touch in the 1960’s, many clinicians have devised modifications to this foundational technique in order to address client diversity and the range of sexual concerns.  Sexual Trauma Survivors may be over represented in our offices, and represent some of our most challenging clients.  Survivors may present with sexual phobias, avoidance, pain, lack of desire and/or responsiveness. and, too often, are not there for themselves.

While there is much in the literature about the potential emotional and sexual after effects of sexual trauma and many very good self help books on emotional healing, very few authors have published detailed suggestions for working with the sexual healing of survivors (Cohn, 2016), and even fewer have published suggestions for the use of mindful and somatic strategies, including Sensate Focus.

In this presentation, Sensate Focus will be described as a conduit for learning how to re-inhabit the body, reconnect with the power to say no, identify and work through triggers, learn to be at ease and connected to their own sexuality, and share it in a way that feels like a healthy self.  Participants will also be given an overview of the creation of an individualized hierarchy of touch for Survivors.


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