Saturday, January 12, 2019
9:00 pm
4:00 pm

Masters & Johnson’s Best Kept Secrets: Unpublished Relationship and Sex Therapy Approaches

Most therapists view Masters & Johnson sex therapy as a psycho educational and behavioral approach utilizing sensate focus as it’s centerpiece. In fact, the therapy format was rich in systems, family of origin and insight oriented perspectives, communication, emotional regulation and relationship skills training and utilized a combination of cognitive, behavioral, affective, present moment and somatic approaches. Much like Sensate Focus, the Institute’s lens modified the initial therapeutic process following waves of sophisticated therapists training and working at the Institute for more than 25 years.

Having recently updated their 1970’s writings, we hope thereby adding to the richness of Sensate Focus, we are now ready to share the balance of their unpublished work in these “out of the bedroom” approaches that complete the true picture of their work. As we are fond of saying,” it is difficult to get the genitals together without connecting the hearts and minds”.